Little background on me:

Remember when your parents would say "go to bed" - I would go into my bedroom and watch Letterman and the Tonight Show with the volume on so soft and with a blanket over my head so my parents wouldn't see the light coming out from my bedroom door. I would watch for one reason - to see any and all stand up comedians. My dream was to someday grab a mic and headline some of the top comedy clubs in the country. Crazily I get to live that dream now!!     


What else?


So my father daughter dance video has gone viral with over 23 millions views!!!  Jessica and I were also live on the Today Show!! We have been featured on Good Morning America, MSN Now, Anderson Cooper 360, omg! on Yahoo,, People Magazine, Huffington Post, The Sun Newspaper in England, The Mirror Times in England, and countless websites, radio and television news shows.

Click here to watch "The Best Father Daughter Dance Ever"

Click here to watch Jessica and I on the Today Show

Click here - To read Yahoo article that was featured on their main page for 3 days

Click here - 4.8 million views on omg! on Yahoo



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Best Father Daughter Dance Ever - Comedian Mike Hanley and his daughter Jessica

Jessica and her Dad surprise the Bat Mitzvah crowd during the Father Daughter Dance.